Superior Township



Superior Township came to us with a logo that hadn’t been touched in 40+ years and a website built from a template supplied by the county. Their navigation structure was incredibly confusing and the overall appearance of the website needed a little love.


The biggest request of Superior Township was that we put a lot of focus into the structure and usability of the navigation. We spent hours combing through their old site, creating flow charts for a navigation structure that we thought would be intuitive for users. Eventually, we decided on a mega-menu treatment with a submenu structure for the 100+ pages their new site would contain.

From there, we created a layout that included all of their needs and requests: a large slider with photos of cornfields (their area is known for their abundance of farms and cornfields), icons highlighting the most-used areas of the site, a section about their officials, a quick reference bar showing statistics about the township, a news area for residents to keep up on current events within the township, an area for residents to subscribe to the township newsletter, and an interactive gallery for residents to submit their own photos to display on the website.