Sweet Things Bakery



Sweet Things Bakery is a bakery owned by a good friend of mine, Alicia. She’s had a passion for baking her entire life and in 2013 she made her dream come true when she started Sweet Things Bakery. From bread to wedding cakes, Alicia combines her culinary skills with her creativity to make one of a kind desserts for all occasions.


The Sweet Things Bakery brand identity appeals to women ages 18-40 who are trendy, hard-working, and upbeat. These ladies are giving and in touch with their feminine side. I created a brand that’s upbeat and fresh and minimalistic. This brand approach appeals to moms & teenagers looking for quality baked goods in a modern setting.



The main logo utilizes a sans-serif typeface to convey they minimalistic feel. By adding a whisk it appeals to the hard-working woman and gives the brand a sense of action. The result is a logo that’s modern but not too trendy. The sub mark is a simple circle with a baking utensil in the middle to keep a professional and simple brand image.